Characters, comics, community & more

Octavia Project Summer Institute 2020--virtual edition!  This summer's program may be different in some ways--gathering on Zoom instead of our cosy Classon Ave. spot--but a lot has remained the same: we're still building community, growing our skills, stretching our creativity, and finding joy together. We're just getting started, and already we've done so much...We kicked things off with … Continue reading Characters, comics, community & more

Community building, biology, urban planning & more!

Our 2019 Summer Institute is off and running, bursting at the seams with 22 participants! Week one was busy with biomimicry, book-binding, Octavia Butler, and lots of community building. Our first guest teacher, artist Miatta Kawinzi, led us in a day of speculative design. In week two, we extracted DNA with scientist and writer Ekaterina Sedia. We embodied urban planning … Continue reading Community building, biology, urban planning & more!

Another two weeks of building, coding, imagining!

We're more than halfway through Summer 2018 at the Octavia Project, and it's been flying by! These last few weeks have been full of coding, world-building, and art--and we're excited to share it all with you now. Using the program Twine and HTML, we started coding story-based games. We got some help from guest teacher, Brooklyn-based product designer, Amélie Lamont. Then … Continue reading Another two weeks of building, coding, imagining!