This year, we hosted another incredible Summer Institute. Participants created
emergent maps, wrote speculative fiction stories, coded interactive games, and so much more. Each year, we compile a zine to celebrate and share our participants’ work with the Octavia Project community. 

We’re elated to share with you this year’s edition of Positive Obsessions. You can read the full zine here.

During our urban planning workshop, participants created emergent maps by dropping ink onto paper. Cypress, a participant who came to the Institute by way of our Summer Camp, shares her speculative emergent map, which features a large skating rink.

Noyoze, a participant who was excited to dive deep into our creative programming curriculum, honors her family and story through her interactive, choose-your-own-adventure Twine game.

Each year, we share work from writers we are inspired by, hoping our participants feel inspired to write their own pieces. Josephine, inspired by Ocean Vuong’s poem, “Someday I’ll Love Ocean Vuong,” wrote this poem, “I Am.”

Samarra, one of our Summer Institute Fellows who joined us for the 2nd year, shared a  drawing she created which spotlights the joy she feels when she is making art. Be sure to watch our summer showcase recording  to learn more about the piece, Samarra’s journey, and her love for her art and art practice.

This is just a small selection of the beautiful pieces that make up this year’s edition of Positive Obsessions. Please be sure to read the full zine, and share it with your friends and community!