If you’re new to the Octavia Project, the combination of writing, STEM, and science fiction may not make sense. But each of these elements is a piece of the puzzle. Science fiction allows teens to see beyond their current reality, writing helps them define a better future, and STEM enables them to build it.

Each piece is necessary to complete the picture.

Camp participants create a community quilt of their neighborhoods in the urban planning workshop.

How do you define technology? We challenged our institute participants to see technology more broadly as a tool. This approach allows them to dream up liberatory technologies, technologies they hope to see. They learned that braiding hair as a way to preserve seeds during the middle passage, using quilts to communicate maps to freedom, and medicinal herbs were all forms of technology.

Institute participants researching different technologies.

If you’ve ever played video games, you know that engaging ones include requirements and a story arc. Our camp participants kicked off their game design unit by developing game requirements. The next step is coding their game on Twine.

Camp participants write down their game story and requirements.

If you haven’t RSVP’d for our summer showcase on Thursday, August 3rd, make sure you reserve your seat and bring a friend. It’s been an incredible five weeks of learning STEM concepts, exploring how to make a difference, and self-expression through art and code. Join us and support the next generation of innovators.

Our participants have consistently shown the capacity to build a better world. They just need the right resources to bring their visions to life. How inspiring to play a part in their process!