Watching our high school participants share their creations at our 9th Annual showcase was inspiring. Every seat in the room was filled. We spent the evening listening to stories, examining art, and interacting with games developed by our participants. It was a treat to experience the world through their eyes and learn about their hopes for the future.

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Abreu

Samarra, one of our Summer Institute Fellows who joined us for the 2nd year, shared a selection of her favorite drawings from the past few years. Click below to watch the full showcase recording and learn more about Samarra’s journey and her love of art.

There were so many impactful moments this summer, and none of them would have been possible without supporters like you. I’m thankful for everyone who has invested in our teens. Everyone from our staff to our dedicated BFFs played a vital role in making this an unforgettable and enriching five weeks.