This year we have the honor of our summer showcase being hosted by the Center for Art, Research and Alliances (CARA). Our showcase will be part of their bloom how you must, wild until we are free exhibitionJoin us Thursday, August 3rd at 5:30 PM and learn first-hand how this summer has impacted our participants.

This past week our campers created pixelated images using ImagiLabs. Whether you’re coding a video game or a mobile app, the first step is creating a plan for your vision. Our campers thought of an image, designed their creations on grid paper, then took to their keyboards to bring them to life through code. 

It’s easy to miss the treasures our city offers, especially when we’ve lived here our entire lives. At OP, we make explorers out of our participants. Last week we visited the Creativity Lab at the Museum of Modern Art to experience Please Knock: A Teen Installation, a project designed by the MoMA Teens Collective.

Have you ever created a Cyanotype? “A cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic processes we know of and has a distinctive blue color. Cyanotypes are made by treating a surface — paper, cloth, or leather — with iron salts which then react to UV light.” Our institute participants created cyanotypes with artifacts they collected in the neighborhood and wove them together to make a quilt.

We’re just about halfway through our summer programs, and we can’t wait to see what else our participants learn about themselves.