Try out any of the games below that sound interesting to you!

  • Birdland Trying to save your entire summer camp from weird alien bird monsters is hard work!
  • Ghost Story They come to us… with out a word.
  • Eun, Park or Kyung? The infamous Soo-Im Boys, Parker, Eunji and Kyung, are very popular in school. They’ve got style, personality and hella good looks. Because of your unique charm and fun nature, you have not one boy fawning over you, not two, but ALL three of them under your spell.
  • Bell Park, Youth Detective Starring a headstrong twelve-year-old detective who gets in over her head when she’s hired to solve a murder at an internet technology conference.
  • Little Witch Story A game about finding your place in a world that’s out to get you, and coming to terms with your identity.
  • The Tiniest Room You are locked in a small room–which way do you turn? How do you get out?
  • The Uncle who Works for Nintendo (Not for people who don’t like scary stories. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!) 
  • You are Standing at a Crossroads All you remember about before is light. Something happened…
  • With Those We Love Alive You were born; you were given a name. Ten years passed…
  • Ardelia A game about fighting monsters and blobs to try to get your little brother back.

These games were made by last year’s campers!

These are games made by older OP participants